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Should You Take Curcumin? 3 Experts Say Yes!

Send to Kindle If you could take only one supplement, would you choose curcumin? For leading experts in natural health like Terry Lemerond of Terry Naturally, the answer would be a resounding “Yes!”  Terry’s credits include 45 years of natural health research, two incredibly successful supplement companies, and countless awards to his credit – the fact that curcumin would […]

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6 Hot & Healthy Drinks for Holiday Warmth

Send to Kindle It’s a frigid, bone-chilling 10° outside, and you’re longing for a warm, tasty drink, but don’t want all the junk and calories. Where can you find some great recipes in a hurry? Right here! Here are six delicious and nutritious beverage recipes – alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to warm you inside and out. […]

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6 Kombucha Recipes You Can Make Yourself!

Send to Kindle If you’re at all naturally savvy, you’ve heard or read about kombucha more than a few times. So what’s the big deal about kombucha anyway? Why do people drink it? The answer is simple – it has great health benefits. However, before we dive into our featured recipes, you should know kombucha […]

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supplement safety study

The Real Reasons Why Supplements Cause 23,000 Emergency Room Visits Per Year

Send to Kindle Have you heard the news about supplements? According to some recent reports… “Dietary supplements and other herbals send 23,000 people to the emergency room every year.” Are you concerned? 23,000 trips to the emergency room sure sounds like a lot! Any adverse reaction or hospitalization caused by a supplement is cause for […]

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Fight Seasonal Allergies With Nasal Irrigation

Send to Kindle According to, if you live in the central US, you’re in the “medium-high to high pollen zones” and if you’re not taking measures to manage your allergies, you may be pretty miserable right now. Years ago, my sister lived in very rural country and her allergies would get so bad, she gave up on the Kleenex® and just […]

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bone broth recipes

Bone Broth: Healthy Fast Food!

Send to Kindle If you haven’t been hearing about the health benefits of bone broth…where have you been?! So what’s the big deal about bone broth, anyway? If you’re not a “real food” enthusiast or you’re new to the “whole foods” movement, you might not understand the fuss about bone broth. Bone broth has become […]

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A Tribute to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

Send to Kindle Have you ever been surprised by your grief at someone’s passing? When I heard the news of the untimely death of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, I cried. Why would it hit me so hard? After-all, I’d only met the man once at a health expo in Chicago. But as a champion of parental […]

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