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Is Your Gut Leaking?

It’s been a long time coming, but the discussion on “leaky gut syndrome” is finally getting more attention. Given the vast array of ‘s a lot more educating to be done! Holistic physician Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, has a helpful definition of leaky gut. Leaky gut syndrome is not generally recognized by conventional physicians, but […]

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How Gut Health May Support Weight Management

Learn how to promote weight loss and overall gut health. The bacteria at work in and on your body comprise a vast network that modern science is only now beginning to understand. These tiny organisms, which make up your microbiome, play a massive role in your overall health and wellness. If your gut is imbalanced, […]

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You’ll Want to Sip on These Gut Healthy Drinks All Spring

Gut healthy drinks for spring include healthy supportive ingredients like turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and more! While we’re sad that the season of cozy unicorn lattes and turmeric hot chocolate is coming to a close, supporting gut health this spring with delicious beverages is just as important. We’re always looking for new ways to […]

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Repairing Celiac Damage: Healing Your Gut

Those with celiac disease know what’s going on. We know about the damage that gluten can cause in our bodies. From flattened intestinal villi and nutrient deficiencies to a weakened immune system, low energy, and depleted serotonin levels, the havoc that gluten wreaks on our bodies is frightening and, in many cases, painful. If left […]

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Are You a Candida Patient?

7 Common Types of Candida Patients

Have you heard of candida – a type of yeast that occurs naturally in our bodies? When there is an overgrowth, it causes a yeast infection. Dr. Eric Bakker is a very experienced naturopathic physician who lists the seven common types of candida patients. The symptoms he describes are things people often deal with on […]

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