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SB115 Hearing Could Take Place Any Day with 24 Hour Notice

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A Senate hearing on SB115 could be any day with a 24 hour notice. For the last hearing in February 2008 we were given a 3 day notice. The WDA is cranking up the pressure so a 24 hour notice could be a reality. We are sending out a notification to let everyone know they may have to drive to Madison on short notice for the hearing.

The greatest impact on lawmakers:

-Your clients and customers testifying that low cost, safe alternative dietary methods work and improved their quality of life after years of chronic illness.
-Testifying that registered dietitian nutritional advice produced no results and alternative nutrition advice worked, chronic illness treated by drugs were elevated by alternative dietary changes, etc. This a consumer health right to choose issue.
-Practitioners testifying are viewed as a vested interest by lawmakers and are encouraged to attend with clients.

For more info: see WIHFC

To view the February 2008 Assembly hearing on Dietary Licensing go to:


Scroll way down to:
02.05.08 | Assembly Committee on Health and Healthcare Reform
and click ‘Watch’
Fast fwd the video to 2 hours and 19 minutes in. That is where testimony begins on AB742.

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