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blessed thistle vs milk thistle

Herbal Support: Blessed Thistle vs Milk Thistle

Not all thistle is created equal. Thistles are flowering plants characterized by sharp prickles all over the plant, including the stem, leaves, and the flowerhead itself. The use of different thistle plants has been recorded since medieval times, even believed back then to bring hair back to a bald head. There is also record that […]

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blessed thistle uses

5 Blessed Thistle Uses to Support Your Health

When you think of a thistle, you may think about the prickly purple wildflower that blooms along Texas highways each spring. That purple roadside Texas variety is just one of many in the thistle family, some of which have potential positive health benefits. One of those is blessed thistle. Learn about the top five blessed […]

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live a heart healthy life

Are You Living a Heart Healthy Life?

You feel like you eat right and exercise a few times a week, but are you really living a heart healthy life? During American Heart Month, it is important to recognize two things: 1) that heart disease is the #1 cause of death for both men and women in the United States — taking approximately […]

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