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Health Effects of Chlorine Swimming Pools & How to Stay Healthy

Nothing says summer like jumping in a nice cool pool to beat the heat. Unless you’re my brother. He never liked swimming pools because, in his view, swimming in a pool was essentially the same thing as swimming in pee. But that’s just him being a germaphobic stick in the mud, right? Maybe…and maybe not. […]

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8 Healthy Condiment Recipes to Top Things Off

Condiments are the kinds of things we all take for granted. Somehow, there’s always a bottle of ketchup or jar of mayo in the door of your fridge. Until there’s not… And that will completely ruin your plan for a tasty meal. Seriously, some sandwiches you just can’t eat unless you have the right condiment […]

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Workout Wednesday: Why Form Matters When Doing Sit-Ups

Sit-ups. Those horrible exercises we were all made to do in middle school gym class and sports practice. They probably made your back sore and your stomach muscles probably hurt for days afterward. We’ve all been there. While sit-ups are the go-to for stronger, more developed abs, many people may not realize there’s a proper […]

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Cage-Free, Free-Range, Pasture-Raised, Organic: What are You Really Buying When you Buy Eggs?

It seems the grocery store is getting more and more confusing as new health information and streams of marketing lingo hit the shelves. Things have gotten particularly perplexing in the egg department. From breakfast to baking, eggs are a staple in most households. They play a particularly big role in mine – I’m a vegetarian […]

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healhty cake recipes

6 Healthy Cake Recipes For Your Next Party

“Let them eat cake!” So said Marie Antoinette (allegedly). But what if you’re just a lowly peasant who can’t eat gluten, or perhaps someone from the Bourgeoisie following the Paleo diet? Cake often becomes the sweet centerpiece at birthday parties and many other get-togethers. If you’ve ever politely refused a slice because of dietary restrictions […]

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Workout Wednesday: The 5-Move Core Circuit

One of the most important factors in proper and healthy posture, whether you’re engaging in physical activity or sitting at your desk, is strong core muscles. Why? It’s simple, really. Your core muscles are what actually enable you to sit, stand, and move around. Without them, you’d have constant back pain, wouldn’t be able to […]

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Magazines, Books and Blogs for Vegetarians

I wasn’t always a vegetarian. My parents both grew up on farms so the main course always included meat. So when I started thinking about switching to a vegetarian diet, I wasn’t entirely sure where to start. Thankfully, in this wonderful age of information, I was able to find some resources to help me out, […]

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Yogurt Recipes

7 Yummy Yogurt Recipes and How to Make Your Own

Mankind has been eating yogurt for many centuries in many different cultures. (Extra points if you caught the pun!) There was a form of yogurt in both ancient India and ancient Greece. People in India even called yogurt and honey “the food of the gods.” Persians credit it with helping Abraham live a long life […]

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Ways to Use it in your Home

Cinnamon makes things like oatmeal and muffins extra delicious, but did you know it has a lot of great uses for your home and your health? Check them out! 

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Workout Wednesday: Why Magnesium is So Important

If you care even the littlest about your health—and if you’re taking the time to read this post, we know you do—you likely already know about how important magnesium is to your body on a daily basis. It plays a role “in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body, including the metabolism of food and […]

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