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6 Recipes to Help you Survive Cold & Flu Season

It’s nearly March, but for much of the country, winter is still going strong – and so are all the colds and flu. To avoid getting sick there are the obvious things like washing your hands and trying to limit your contact with sick individuals, but a major part of your ability to ward off […]

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Vitamin D, the Powerful “Sunshine” Nutrient

Most of us are familiar with the basic benefits of vitamin D, such as healthy bones and good overall health. But vitamin D also helps with some processes of the body, including muscle function, the respiratory system, cardiovascular function, brain development and the immune system. What’s more exciting is that scientists are finding that it’s […]

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Workout Wednesday: The Backyard Body Weight Workout

In Wisconsin, it’s still incredibly cold, and a number of us (a number that’s growing by the day) are starting to wonder if warmth and spring will ever arrive. If it’s warm where you are, let it be known that many of us here at NHC are jealous. Cold weather sometimes makes it pretty difficult […]

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Do You Know Your Cardiac Risk Factor?

Do you know the important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and what you can do about them? While there are a few that you can’t do anything about like your age or gender, there are several factors that are modifiable by making healthy choices and managing health conditions. And don’t let the #1 killer in […]

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7 Healthy Fish Recipes for Fridays During Lent

Lent officially arrived on Wednesday, and with it came the Catholic tradition of eating Fish on Fridays. I wasn’t raised Catholic, but my Lutheran grade school followed this tradition. I’ve tried to stick with it over the years (I fell off the wagon on a few occasions), and with the ever-increasing multitude of ways to […]

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9 Meatless Ways to Get Protein

American culture is stuffed with meat. It’s our starting point when cooking dinner and it’s in the overwhelming majority of menu items at most restaurants. For decades, we’ve been among the top meat-consuming countries in the world (and not just by a hair). There’s no single explanation for this phenomenon. There are economic, historical, and […]

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Workout Wednesday: Why Changing Your Routine is Important

We’ve all be there. That dreaded spot in our fitness life where we start to believe things aren’t going to work out like we had planned. We’re not going to hit a new PR on the treadmill, building more lean muscle seems like an unattainable goal, or we think there’s no chance of losing that […]

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Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Interesting Health Facts

Each of our nation’s presidents has his own unique legacy and history. Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at their health histories. From chronic conditions to strange health rituals, the presidents were an interesting – often resilient – group. Their struggles show that even the President isn’t immune to […]

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Set the Mood with Food this Valentine’s Day

According to research, average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion and 61.8 percent of consumers celebrate the holiday. How do they celebrate? There’s the typical cards, flowers, candy, and of course, a fancy dinner. And the traditional finale to a lovely evening? Well, according to CNN, 85 percent of men and women say sex […]

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Workout Wednesday: The 10-Minute Lower Ab Workout

When it comes to focusing on one muscle group during a workout, most people seem to have troubles with their abs. It’s a battle that many  feel they’re constantly fighting, and that thought alone can keep them from working our abs as often as they should. There’s really no way around it, though. If you want defined […]

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