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The Health Benefits of Cacao

Cacao has become somewhat of a superstar in the raw food craze of today’s health food movement. Its high status is only deserving for a food that Mayan and Aztec cultures are said to have believed was a “gift from the gods,” after all. But the fanfare is not based on reputation alone, as cacao […]

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Too Acidic or Alkaline? The Importance of pH Balance and How to Maintain It

You may have read about pH balance in health articles, but do you really know what it’s all about? What do the experts say? pH stands for “potential of hydrogen.” So, for example, the lower the pH level of a solution, the more free hydrogen ions contained within it, and vice versa. This measurement is an assessment of […]

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Clean Living: Indoor Air Pollutants at Work & Home

Last week, the first post in this clean living series was published, and it offered an explanation of the clean living movement and why now more than ever, people are taking steps toward living a clean, healthier lifestyle. In the second post, we’re going to talk about clean living as it pertains to your life […]

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7 Healthy Dips for Your Game Day Bash

Super Bowl 50 – the pinnacle of the NFL season – is just a few days away, and many people are planning a big party to not only watch the game, but also celebrate the 50th anniversary of it. With any party comes fantastic spreads of everything from chicken wings to sandwiches, and of course, chips and dips. […]

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Award-Winning Health and Beauty Products Available at NHC!

Our nontoxic health and beauty products are award winners! All of us at Natural Healthy Concepts are excited to share the list of DeliciousLiving’s 2016 Beauty & Body Award winners, especially since we sell so many of them! Making healthy products available to you, our customers, is at the heart of what we do. So, it is […]

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An Introduction to Clean Living: The Path to a Healthy, Toxin-Free Life

In our last series, we talked about clean eating. Well, now it’s time to think even bigger about your health. If you’re avoiding chemicals in your food, shouldn’t you avoid them in the rest of your life, too? Join us as we explain and explore the ideas of clean living to bring some natural healthy […]

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Breakfast for Dinner: 6 Easy & Healthy Brinner Recipes

Many of us just don’t have the time in the morning to sit down and enjoy a meal. And what a shame, considering all of the great breakfast options out there. Well, you don’t have to miss out!

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The Calorie-Blasting Kickboxing Workout

Over the past few years, kickboxing has really exploded throughout the fitness scene, from kickboxing-centered workouts to gyms that are entirely devoted to kickboxing (like 9Round here in Appleton). To some, it all seems like a fad, but kickboxing is here to stay. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been into it for […]

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clean eating grocery list

Clean Eating Grocery List

The grocery store is not everyone’s favorite place, so I’d like to make it a better experience for you by helping you plan ahead. Use my clean eating grocery list as a guide, then make the choices that are right for you. Using a list helps you resist temptation. If it’s not on the list, […]

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6 New Ways to Enjoy Your Morning Oatmeal

When I was a kid, oatmeal was a breakfast staple in my house. My mom touted it as “the only thing that’ll warm you up and stick to your ribs,” and she was right. Oatmeal has always been one of my favorite breakfast foods, and while I love the taste, there’s something else that I […]

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